Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking Policy

The visitor parking rules have been listed below.  Homeowners concerned about someone violating the rules should contact Steve Rugen or a  board member and we will deal with it.


  • Visitors must park in a “Visitor” space or a space belonging to the homeowner. Vehicles parked in violation may be towed at the owners expense without prior notice.
  • Some courts have a limited number of “Visitor” spaces. These spaces are for guest use only and are available on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • “Visitor” spaces are not to be used as additional parking spaces by residents. Violators will be towed at owners expense.
  • Owners/Renters may not park in a “Visitor” space. Rotating a personal vehicle out of a space and replacing it with another personal vehicle constitutes a violation of HOA policy.
  • No vehicle may remain parked in any “Visitor” space for longer than twenty-four (24) hours or overnight more than three (3) nights in any thirty (30) day period.